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Regardless of industry and size, companies are faced with an almost unmanageable number of regulations that need to be observed.

Legal violations can result in reputational loss, high fines and civil damage claims or even criminal investigations. Only those who recognize the risks in good time can avoid them. To this end, the establishment of a compliance system that is operational at all times is of paramount importance.

The compliance team of SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz supports clients through the entire process: In close cooperation with internal functions at the client, they analyze the individual risk factors in the company, develop a customized prevention system and ensure its best possible implementation. In addition, SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz has proven expertise in investigating and sanctioning compliance violations that have already occurred.

Range of services

  • Development and implementation of compliance systems
  • Increasing efficiency and further developing the compliance organization
  • Investigations and internal investigations

Top law firm for compliance


Focus areas.

Establishment of compliance systems

We start by analyzing the status quo and developing and establishing a compliance organization. In this context, our clients benefit from the broad experience of our teams, which are composed, on an as needed basis, of specialists from all relevant areas of law (such as e.g. corporate law, labor law, antitrust law or tax law).

Monitoring and optimization

A sustainable compliance organization requires constant monitoring and continuous improvement. SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz supports their clients in monitoring compliance processes, provides them with advice and assistance in the further development of their compliance system and brings them up to date with changes in the law. In addition, our highly specialized lawyers conduct training sessions and provide their employees and managers with the necessary expertise.

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