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Prof. Dr. Jochem Reichert

Prof. Dr. Jochem Reichert is one of the leading practitioners of German corporate law. He is well-known and valued for his boardroom advice and has advised in numerous headline transactions. He also advises and represents clients in complex disputes out-of-court, in arbitration, and in state court proceedings and is highly respected as an arbitrator.

Prof. Dr. Reichert counts major listed companies as well as leading family-owned businesses and entrepreneur families among his clients, including a significant number of which he has been advising continuously for many years. He is an advisor to numerous management and supervisory boards, in particular on corporate governance, decisions subject to the business judgment rule, organizing compliance (including internal investigations), director liability, and questions of capital markets law.

He also advises on corporate structuring, joint ventures and company groups as well as in connection with syndicate agreements and business combination agreements. He has advised on many headline transactions and has long-standing experience in the fields of mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and bidding and auction procedures.

A further focus of Prof. Dr. Reichert is dispute resolution. He advises and represents clients in complex disputes, ranging from out-of-court disputes to arbitration and state court proceedings, in particular in corporate and post-M&A matters. He is also highly respected as an arbitrator.

Prof. Dr. Reichert is the editor and author of numerous publications on corporate law and Compliance, and is honorary professor at the University of Jena. He has been recognized by Chambers, Global and Chambers Europe, Legal 500, and the German trade publications Handelsblatt, Wirtschaftswoche, and JUVE as one of Germany's leading attorneys in his fields.

Jochem Reichert maintains a standout practice in significant corporate matters, counting a number of supervisory boards of listed German corporates among his clients. He draws praise for his expert management of complex corporate situations. One client reports: "He achieves solutions that require skilful mediation between opposing interests and opinions."



Corporate / Compliance

  • Advising listed and private companies (including family-owned enterprises) on all aspects of corporate law (both structuring and conflict management) as well as on compliance issues (both planning and forensic investigations)
  • Board room advice for boards of directors and supervisory boards of listed and private companies, in particular on the following topics
    • Prüfung und Optimierung der Compliance-Strukturen
    • Prüfung und Optimierung der Compliance-Strukturen
    > more
  • Evaluating lawfulness and fulfillment of the pre-requisites of the Business Judgement Rule in corporate decisions
  • Assessing possible compliance violations (and resulitng administrative investigations and proceedings) and their consequences
  • Examining potential claims for director liability
  • Auditing and optimizing compliance structures
  • Conclusion of business combination agreements
  • Advising companies and corporate groups on changes to group and shareholding structures as well options for legal reorganization (including change of legal form)
  • Supervisory board innogy SE in its the takeover by E.ON and the transfer of significant assets to RWE with squeeze-out questions
  • JM Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KGaA in the change of its shareholding structure (separation of the group companies Renolit SE and RKW SE) and reorganization of the consortium agreements
  • Daimler AG in the dissolution of the EADS shareholding structure
  • Daimler on the realignment of the corporate governance of EADS
  • DaimlerChrysler in the merger of DASA, Aérospatiale, and Casa into EADS (now Airbus Group)
  • Daimler Benz AG in the merger to form DaimlerChrysler
  • Freudenberg Group in restructuring questions including the change of legal form to an SE
  • Röchling in restructuring including the change of legal form to an SE
  • A leading German family-owned company on group restructuring issues
  • A leading German conglomerate on group restructuring issues involving an SE and a reorganization of consortium agreements
  • A publicly-held company on the limits to restrictive clauses in business combination agreements
  • Numerous family-owned companies on the conclusion of pooling and consortium agreements
  • Advising companies and shareholders in conflict situations
  • Preparation and advice on the conduct of annual and other shareholders meetings
  • Enforcement of shareholder rights in and outside of annual and other shareholders meetings
  • Defense against (unjustified) attacks by companies in and outside of annual and other shareholders meetings
  • Ongoing advice on and enforcement of shareholder rights


  • The supervisory board of innogy regarding the sale of investment companies
  • Daimler in connection with the sale of two 7.5% blocks of EADS shares over the stock exchange and a derivative agreement for a price adjustment based on a future increase of the EADS share price
  • Daimler on the (non-consummated) merger between EADS and BAE
  • MAN on the repurchase of Ferrostaal and resale to MPC
  • The supervisory board of Deutsche Börse in the intended merger with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Daimler on the acquisition of minority interests in MTU Friedrichshafen
  • Sanofi-Aventis in the dissolution of the joint venture with Pfizer and transfer of rights to Exubera
  • Renolit in numerous acquisitions, e.g. of the global fiber sheet operations of Solvay Group

Arbitration / Litigation

  • Extensive activity as counsel in litigation before state courts, in particular corporate disputes (including challenges to corporate resolutions and valuation proceedings) and post-M&A proceedings, inter alia for Daimler, MAN, leading German family-owned companies
  • Extensive work in arbitration proceedings as party representative and arbitrator, in particular concerning corporate disputes (including challenges to corporate resolutions), Post-M&A disputes, Other commercial disputes


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Education & Engagement

  • Honorary Professor at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
  • Member of the Gesellschaftsrechtliche Vereinigung (VGR)
  • Member of the German American Lawyers’ Association
  • Member of the board of the Association for the promotion of commercial law at
  • Member of the Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit (DIS)
  • Member in advisory boards and supervisory board


  • University of Mannheim
  • University of Heidelberg (Dr. iur.)
  • Languages: German, English

Professional recognitions

Chambers Global 2023 Jochem Reichert
Jochem Reichert Profilbild

Prof. Dr. Jochem Reichert

Jochem Reichert paart fachliche Exzellenz mit souveränem und überzeugendem Auftritt in streitigen Verfahren. Jederzeitige Erreichbarkeit.

Legal 500

Unter den besten Anwälten Deutschlands für: Fusionen und Übernahmen, Gesellschaftsrecht, internationale Schiedsverfahren, Konfliktlösung, Schiedsverfahren/ Streitbeilegung/Mediation.


Juristischer All Star im Gesellschaftsrecht.


Führender Senior-Berater im Gesellschaftsrecht; oft empfohlen in M&A sowie in Dispute Resolution; renommierter Parteivertreter in Schiedsverfahren



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