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Dr. Jürgen Fluck

Dr. Jürgen Fluck worked in the legal department of BASF SE from 1990 to 2017, following employment in the Rhineland-Palatinate state representation and in the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of the Environment, Mainz.

In his last position as Vice President Legal - Sites, Regulatory and Competence Centers, he focused on environmental law advice, legal issues relating to the organisation of sites and legal accident management, as well as the support of investigative proceedings. He has also chaired expert committees of the German Agricultural Industry Association (IVA) and the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) and is the author of a number of articles on environmental law.


  • Representation of chemical companies in chemical law proceedings (REACH) and environmental law proceedings, in particular waste, incident, immission control and occupational health and safety law.
  • Representation of companies in building permit proceedings
  • Representation of companies in administrative and administrative law proceedings relating to gambling law


  • Ed. together with Kristian Fischer, Michael Raupach, REACH/Stoffrecht, lexxion Verlag 2008, Stand 27. Aktualisierung. 2021.
  • Ed. together with Kristian Fischer, Walter Frenz und Gregor Franßen, Kreislaufwirtschafts-, Abfall- und Bodenschutzrecht, Kommentar, Loseblattausgabe, C.F. Müller, Stand: 156. Aktualisierung. 2022.
  • Ed. together with Kristian Fischer und Mario Martini, Informationsfreiheitsrecht mit Umweltinformations- und Verbraucherinformationsrecht IFG/UIG/VIG/IWG/GeoZG Kommentar, Loseblattausgabe C.F. Müller, Stand: 39. Aktualisierung. 2020.
  • Anforderungen an die störfall-verhindernde Compliance-Organisation in Unternehmen, NVwZ 2021, 1568 ff.
  • Neuere Rechtsprechung der EU-Gerichte zum Zugang zu Umweltinformationen, die Emissionen betreffen, EuZW 2019, 449 ff.
  • A total of around 100 publications on environmental and administrative law

Education & Engagement

  • Member of Gesellschaft für Umweltrecht e.V.


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