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Litigation & Arbitration

SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz handles litigious and contentious mandates, both before or-dinary courts and institutional or ad hoc arbitration tribunals, in Germany and abroad.

Our activities are not limited to litigation or arbitration in itself, but include dispute prevention and dispute resolution (mediation, ADR), as well as the best possible preparation of arbitration or court proceedings and the subsequent enforcement of rights.

Range of services

Corporate Litigation / Arbitration

  • Disputes related to corporate reolutions (actions for avoidance or nullity and positive actions for the declaration of the validity of resolutions)
  • Directors' and officers' liability
  • Release proceedings (Freigabeverfahren)
  • Appraisal proceedings (Spruchverfahren)

Commercial litigation / arbitration

  • Product liability and product safety
  • Disputes in connection with complex sets of contracts
  • Commercial large-scale and mass proceedings (for damages)
  • Commercial disputes
  • Banking disputes
  • Insurance and reinsurance disputes
  • Disputes in connection with insolvency and restructuring
  • Proceedings for interim relief/injunctions
  • Mediation / ADR

Antitrust disputes

    Regulation / administrative disputes

      One of the nation's most visible litigation practices...

      JUVE Handbook Commercial and Corporate Law Firms

      Client mandates (selection)

      • Volkswagen in defence of investor claims
      • Bayer in defence of investor claims
      • Audi in defence against claims in connection with diesel issue
      • Knaus Tabbert in defence against claims in connection with diesel issue
      • Wirecard's insolvency administrator in the assertion of claims for damages against auditors
      • Vossloh in defence against claims for damages in connection with rail cartel
      • MAN in complex post M&A arbitration proceedings
      • Representation of and advice to companies of the VW group in the area of product liability / product safety

      ... herausragende Expertise bei gesellschaftsrechtlichen Streitigkeiten

      JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien

      Eine der bundesweit visibelsten Prozesspraxen…

      JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien

      Update: Der Regierungsentwurf zur Reform des KapMuG

      Regierungsentwurf zur KapMuG-Reform wurde am 11.4.2024 im Bundestag gelesen und wird nun anschließend im Rechtsausschuss beraten.


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