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Dr. Alexia Wahl
Dr. Alexia Wahl

Dr. Alexia Wahl

Dr. Alexia Wahl (Senior Associate) works in the areas of corporate law and M&A. She advises German and international clients on all corporate law issues and has extensive expertise in M&A transactions, including real estate transactions. A further focus of her practice is real estate law where she particularly advises on commercial leases.


University of Mannheim (Dr. iur.)

Foreign Experience

One year working in the US

地址 出版物 语言
Dr. Alexia Wahl
邮箱 Alexia.Wahl(at)
Frankfurt am Main
SZA Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Taunusanlage 1
60329 Frankfurt am Main
电话 +49 69 976 9601 360
传真 +49 69 976 9601 102
  • Soziale Sicherheit als Grundrecht in der Europäischen Union (2007, Dr. Alexia Wahl (née Bierweiler))
  • Summary of Discussion, in: Social Security as a Human Right (Hrsg.: Riedel, 2007, Dr. Alexia Wahl (née Bierweiler))


  • German
  • English