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Restructuring & Insolvency Law

SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz advises companies as well as their governing bodies, creditors of companies and investors in the crisis of a company. We specialize in providing legal support for complex restructurings and reorganizations. Our advisory practice covers all stages of the crisis.

We see our mission in endeavoring in every corporate crisis to identify and use the best restructuring and realization option together with our clients. This applies to restructuring outside of insolvency proceedings as well as in the course of insolvency proceedings.

Our advice covers both the preparation and implementation of reorganization proceedings (including those under the German Stabilization and Restructuring Framework for Enterprises – StaRUG) and insolvency proceedings (in self-administration).

Lawyers at SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz assume the role of self-administrator or act as administrators of assets in self-administration proceedings (including protective shield proceedings); in insolvency proceedings in third-party administration, Thomas Oberle and Marc-Philippe Hornung are regularly appointed as insolvency administrators by the insolvency courts. Our team is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO INSOLV in the areas of insolvency administration, self-administration, acting as administrators of assets and restructuring advice.

The special experience and competence of the insolvency experts at SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz lies in the continuation of companies (among other things, in large-scale proceedings and in group structures with an international dimension) as well as in the stabilization of these companies and their reorganization by transferring them to new corporate entities or by means of an insolvency plan.

Range of services

  • Analysis of options for action in the crisis (operational and financial restructuring, restructuring by way of transfer, liquidation)
  • Legal advice on the preparation and implementation of reorganization concepts
  • Legal advice to shareholders and/or governing bodies in crisis situations (in particular to limit liability risks or to defend against liability claims)
  • Negotiation of standstill agreements and bridging and restructuring loans
  • Preparation and implementation of restructuring procedures under the StaRUG legislation (see above)
  • Advising in connection with the preparation and implementation of insolvency proceedings in self-administration (including protective shield proceedings)
  • Legally responsible assumption of self-administration (in the role of a governing body) in addition to the existing management
  • Preparation and implementation of corporate reorganizations by way of insolvency plan proceedings
  • Acting as an insolvency administrator or administrator of assets
  • Negotiation and assumption of dual-benefit trusteeships
  • Distressed M&A
  • Advising to creditors

Extremely active and reactive team

Legal 500

Client mandates (selection)

Numerous advisory mandates in the field of insolvency law, reorganization and restructuring, including, among others

  • Supervisory Board of Uniper AG on insolvency law issues
  • Advising Paine & Partners on the restructuring of Stabilus
  • Advising Nolte Group in connection with the restructuring and carve-out of the furniture subgroup
  • Advising Cobus Industries GmbH in connection with the restructuring of the company
  • Municipal utilities on StaRUG proceedings of a subsidiary and restructuring

Activities in numerous insolvency proceedings in self-administration or protective shield proceeding

  • PowerWind, SIAG Nordseewerke, RENA, FLABEG, SolarFabrik, DION Global Solutions, Lunux GmbH, Borbet Solingen GmbH, Rohr IDRECO Bagger, HegerFerrit GmbH

Activity as an administrator of assets

  • Galvanoform, KSI, Thielmann UCON

Activity as insolvency administrator

  • EMTEC, BBS, ENA Guss, Giesserei Albbuck, ACC Beku, Stolz&Post, Dradura Beteiligungs GmbH

Creditor information section

Access to the Creditor Information System ("GIS")

Below you find further information and forms to download and/or print out:

The form for filing an insolvency claim

The information sheet for filing an insolvency claim

The forms for filing an insolvency claim (in the respective EU language)


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