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Privacy and Data Security

In today's information society, data protection and data security are key aspects for the suc-cess of a company. The correct handling of personal data of employees, customers and business partners is not only a matter of trust of high relevance for the public reputation of a company, but is also subject to severe sanctions.

SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz helps clients to structure their data processing procedures in compliance with law. In addition, the commercial significance of personal data is constantly increasing. Implementing innovative business models to monetize existing personal data is a key to continued business success today and in the future, not only in traditional information technology, but increasingly also in traditional industry and small and medium-sized enterprises. With our expertise in data protection law, we support clients in the development of business models in this area, their implementation and market launch.

Range of services

  • Advising on all aspects of data protection under the new European data protection law (GDPR)
  • Accompanying the relocation of data processing processes abroad
  • Drafting privacy policies, privacy statements and all types of privacy-related contracts
  • Designing websites, especially webshops, in compliance with data protection law
  • Advising on the commercialization of existing data assets
  • Employee data protection

Experts for Privacy and Data Security


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