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Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with their various aspects of Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) are of growing importance for corporate success. ESG standards provide a critical benchmark against which both progress and risk are measured. In the coming years, the goal for companies will no longer be to meet ESG standards, but to exceed them. For this to succeed, sustainability must be firmly anchored in the governance structures.

One focus of our ESG-related advice is on issues related to green finance and green antitrust.

Range of services

  • Sustainability and responsible corporate governance
  • Development of ESG and CSR standards and compliance structures
  • Diversity on the Executive Board and Supervisory Board
  • Sustainable Executive Board Remuneration
  • ESG reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Sustainable financing and sustainable investments
  • Non-profit company forms
  • Human rights due diligence and sustainable supply chain
  • ESG due diligence in the context of corporate transactions
  • Designing sustainability initiatives in compliance with antitrust law
  • Defense and assertion of ESG claims

European Commission presents draft European Sustainability Directive

Proposal of the European Commission has been presented and will lead to even greater regu-lation along the value chain.


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