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Dr. Elena Neumüller

Dr. Elena Neumüller (Senior Associate) is a member of the Tax Law practice area. Her practice area covers all aspects of national and international tax law.

Dr. Elena Neumüller advises on transaction-related tax law and corporate tax law, including reorganisation tax law, as well as on tax audits. She also has experience in advising companies, managing directors and board members in large-volume (directors' liability) cases involving criminal tax law. Another focus of her work is advising high net worth individuals/private clients on corporate reorganisations and succession planning, taking into account the inheritance tax exemption rules for business assets.


  • Advising and representing a company in the wholesale sector in the assertion of directors' liability claims against its former managing directors
  • Representing and advising a company from the wholesale sector in the correction of facts relevant under criminal tax law
  • Processing the tax treatment of share transactions carried out around the dividend record date of a nationally known bank
  • Ongoing support of an international English law firm on tax issues
  • Carrying out tax due diligence on various target companies
  • Tax law support for the takeover of a provider of flight seats for commercial passenger aircraft by an investor

Education & Engagement


  • University of Mannheim
  • University of Mannheim (Dr. jur., LL.B.)
  • Languages: German, English, Russian


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