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Labor Law

Global competition and constant technological change require companies to continuously gear their operational structures and work models towards efficiency and the realization of synergies. Labor law is a key part of the tool box for achieving this end. Our labor law team advises you on all issues of individual and collective labor law.

Range of services

  • Advising both corporate bodies and members of corporate bodies (board members, managing directors) on the drafting of service and employment contracts, including regulatory requirements regarding remuneration
  • Advising and representing companies in all matters of co-determination (working time models, bonus and remuneration regulations, etc.)
  • Preparation and implementation of reorganisations/restructurings at the operational and company level, in particular negotiations on reconciliation of interests/social plan (including conciliation board proceedings)
  • Representation in labor courts through all three instances

... valued labor law practice...

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New case law of the Federal Labor Court (BAG) on the obligation to record working time

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First Senate of the Federal Labor Court ruled in a landmark decision that a system of recording working time has to be introduced.


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