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Dr. Alexia Wahl

Dr. Alexia Wahl practices in the areas of corporate law / M&A and real estate law.

Dr. Alexia Wahl advises national and international companies on all corporate law issues. In addition, she has extensive expertise in M&A transactions. Another focus of her practice is real estate law, with a specific focus on real estate transactions as well as commercial leases.


  • Soziale Sicherheit als Grundrecht in der Europäischen Union (2007, Dr. Alexia Wahl (geborene Bierweiler))
  • Summary of Discussion, in: Social Security as a Human Right (Hrsg.: Riedel, 2007, Dr. Alexia Wahl (geborene Bierweiler))

Education & Engagement


  • University of Mannheim (Dr. iur.)
  • One year working in the US
  • Languages: German, English


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