Business Crime Law / White Collar Crime

Following on from its comprehensive Litigation & Arbitration and Compliance practice, SZA Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz also offers its clients advice and representation in the area of white collar crime.

We primarily advise and defend companies and executives in selected (white collar) criminal proceedings, especially where business law expertise and a strategic approach (also with a view to consequences for the company) are required.

In doing so, we take strict care to avoid conflicts of interest and, where defense of the company involves defense of individual defendants, we work together with renowned boutique criminal defense firms.

Range of services

  • Advising and defending companies in admionistrative offences and criminal proceedings (defense against corporate fines and skimming of profits)
  • Defense of executives in white collar criminal cases
  • Criminal charges and secondary actions, adhesion proceedings and asset tracing for the enforcement of claims of injured parties (injured companies)
  • Strategic advice / coordination between civil law, public law and criminal law aspects in complex cases, including management of "Litigation PR"

Client mandates (selection)

  • Advising and representing a German vehicle manufacturer in an investigative proceeding on suspicion of fraud (following product compliance violations), defense against corporate fine and skimming of profits
  • Advising an automotive supplier in connection with a truck accident with serious personal injuries and the allegation that a product defect caused the accident
  • Various expert opinions on the avoidance of risks in the area of criminal liability for products
  • Advising two companies on customer information to avoid risks of fraud and civil liability in the sale of products alleged to be nonconforming or defective
  • Filing of criminal charges in connection with parallel civil proceedings

Experts for Business Crime Law / White Collar Crime


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