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Expertise  Tax Law

Field of Expertise Tax Law

Fair taxation is the basis of a modern state.
Reality does not always reflect this.

Tax law is a crucial field of law in a modern state. Tax revenue safeguards the financial foundation of our public welfare. Yet, the overboarding and ever growing complexity of this field of law oftentimes leads to unjustified and avoidable tax burdens. Our most distinguished goal is to prevent you

therefrom and to safely guide you through this area of law.

Range of services Tax

  • structuring acquisitions and divestments (national and cross-border)
  • structuring and corporate law advice in business reorganizations and restructurings
  • plans of procedure (practical implementation)
  • structuring memoranda for banks
  • accompanying tax audits and special audits (VAT, wage tax)
  • legal opinions on auditor requests
  • obtaining binding information
  • conclusion of actual agreements/settlements
  • out-of-court representation in tax-related criminal matters
  • proceedings before European authorities (in particular anti-dumping-duties)
  • conducting opposition proceedings and financial litigation (Finance Court (FG), Federal Finance Court (BFH), European Court of Justice)
  • advice on and implementation of asset transfers
  • analysis of financial products
  • analysis of and advice on questions relating to the Ínvestment Tax Act and Foreign Relations Tax Act

Focus Areas of our services

We advise our clients in all questions of corporate taxation (including VAT and customs duties), international tax law, and tax-optimized structuring of acquisitions and divestments, as well as regarding inheritance and gift tax, including international aspects (Foreign Transaction Tax Act, taxation of relocation). Furthermore, we advise our clients in tax audits and proceedings before the financial courts. We will also be pleased to cooperate with our clients’ tax advisors.

General advisory services

Many of our clients have appreciated the expertise of our team for years and have demonstrated their trust in our ability to answer complex legal questions. Such matters concern both tax optimization of planned measures as well as issues arising within the framework of inspections.

Practice-orientated approach

The goal of our consultation arrangement is to find practice-oriented solutions. We do this by demonstrating the necessary steps with regard to corporate and civil law in detail while dealing with the implementation thereof.