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Expertise  Startups / Venture Capital

Startups and Venture Capital

Right from the start of every project, founders have to answer different questions in economical, strategical and legal matters. Making the right decisions at the startup's early stage is a key factor for its success: implementing an innovative business idea. In particular, this requires a solid legal structure and professional legal advice. They provide legal security which also represents an advantage in competition.

Legal advice as individual as your business idea

As recognized experts for startups and venture capital, we offer you first-class legal advice from the very first steps. On every stage of launching or developing your business, you profit by our full-service advice. We are not only familiar with the common issues which usually are crucial for startups, growth companies, founders and investors, but also think ahead and help to find pragmatic and lasting solutions in line with your individual requirements, ready to be implemented.

Our expertise, inter alia, covers the following:

  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Corporate finance (round of financing, capital measures, convertible loans etc.);
  • Protection of business models, trademark right application (patent, utility model, design patent or alike) and protection of trade secrets;
  • Contract design, including, inter alia, cooperation agreement, supplier contract, customer contract and terms and conditions;
  • Data protection law, in particular compliance with regard to the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR");
  • Do's and Don’ts with regard to the laws against unfair competition;
  • Tax regulations;
  • Labor-law issues (employment contracts and managers' service contracts in particular);
  • Employee participation programs including tax structuring;
  • Exits (IPO, Trade Sale etc.).