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Expertise  Restructuring

Field of Expertise Restructuring

In a restructuring, many interests are at stake.
Our experts know how to preserve yours.

Repeatedly, businesses face great challenges due to their financial situation, due to the general economic climate, or internal influences. Company financing may need to be restructured, business areas may require reorganization, or parts of a business may have to be sold. Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz comprehensively advises their clients to strengthen them for the future. The firm’s expertise in our specialties ­– corporate law, M&A, tax law, labor law, and litigation – enables us to ­provide optimal advice in difficult situations.

Range of services Restructuring

  • Corporate sales and acquisitions in crisis
  • or insolvency
  • Debt-equity swaps and other restructuring measures
  • Shareholder loans and other financing instruments
  • Company reorganizations and out-ofcourt restructurings
  • Advice to board and management members in crisis situations and in connection with restructuring measures
  • Advice to creditors in insolvency proceedings
  • Advice to investors on the acquisition of nonperforming loans


Transactions are an important part of our work in restructurings. We advise on business acquisitions and sales in crisis as well as on sales out of insolvency. ­Furthermore, we provide advice and ­support on restructuring measures such as debt-equity swaps or the acquisition of nonperforming loans. Very often, such transactions are done together. We assist businesses or individual creditors in out-of-court restructurings. This also applies to financing in crisis. We support our ­clients in struc­turing shareholder loans or other mezzanine financing.

Advice to board members

A crisis of a company bears risks for the acting persons as well. We advise members of boards and management institutions regarding their duties. In particular, this concerns questions of the duty to file for insolvency and issues concerning transactions prior to a possible insolvency. In such situations, we comprehensively assist and advise these persons in order to safeguard them from personal liability and criminal charges.

Advice to investors

On the other hand, others’ crises may provide great opportunities to specialized investors. We advise these on the acqui­sition of businesses or business areas
from a company in crisis or insolvency, also with regard to insolvency proceedings and out-of-court restructurings.