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Expertise  Real Estate

Field of Expertise Real Estate

Real estate is a limited resource.
All the more reason to get good advice in this field.

Real estate has always stood for long-term stable investments. However, yet the goals investors strive to achieve with real estate are as diverse as the individuals living in or using real estate.
Therefore, we comprehensively advise financial investors resp. real estate funds as well as traditional real estate companies in all areas of real estate law.

Range of services Real Estate

  • Real estate transactions, national and international
  • Real estate financing
  • Real estate development
  • Real estate funds
  • Real-estate-related public administrative law
  • Commercial leases
  • Broker-related issues
  • Asset management
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Advice on tender law in public construction or real estate projects
  • Litigation and arbitration

Focus Areas of our Services

Our real estate team’s advice focuses on the planning, structuring, and execution of transactions concerning all types of real estate. We have extensive experience with residential portfolio transactions as well as commercial properties. Aside from legal advice, our services also include the tax-optimized structuring of real estate transactions. You can expect comprehensive advice from a single source, including and taking into account areas of public administrative law such as tenders, planning, or environmental law – irrespective of whether the transaction in question is
a share deal or an asset deal. Of course, our clients can always enlist our real estate specialists with regard to any questions of real estate law after con­summation of a transaction as well.

Real Estate Transactions

The way to the notary can sometimes be longer than the parties to a real estate transaction may have envisioned. We accom­pany and advise our clients on
this way – whether it begins with an letter of intent, a tender offer, or whether it becomes a winding road. You can expect us to legally structure and tax-optimize acquisition and sales processes. We perform legal due diligence for you, draft and negotiate the property or share ­purchase agreement, and remain available to advise you on all questions of real estate law after completion and transfer of property.

Day-to-day Advice

Even if real estate is not currently part of a transaction, it requires careful administration. Proper facility management is a key building block in preserving a property’s value. From a legal perspective, advice regarding not only lease agreements and general contractual law but also ­construction and property law may be required, which we naturally provide.