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Expertise  Real Estate & Construction

Field of Expertise Real Estate & Construction

Real estate and construction projects create something new. It is good to be able to rely on the tried and trusted: our advice.

Real estate has always stood for a long-term stable investment. However, yet the goals investors strive to achieve with real estate are as diverse as the individuals living in or using real estate are. In the field of real estate law, we advise financial investors and real estate funds as well as traditional real estate companies comprehensively on all questions of real estate law.

Project development and construction projects require careful planning. Frequently, a large number of parties are involved, whose work contributions have to be coordinated. We advise in all phases of a construction project on development, structuring, contract drafting, construction realization and project conclusion, including the related administrative authorization procedures and financing.

Range of services Real Estate

  • Real estate transactions, national and international
  • Real estate financing
  • Real estate funds
  • Real-estate-related public administrative law
  • Commercial leases
  • Broker-related issues
  • Asset management
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Advice on tender law in public construction and real estate projects
  • Litigation and arbitration

Range of services Project Development & Construction


  • Land purchase
  • Project and real estate development
  • Administrative authorization procedures
  • Advice on project and public procurement structuring and contract models
  • Advise on tenders
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of contracts


  • Legal advice during the construction phase
  • Enforcement of or defense against defect claims (claim management)
  • Review or justification of supplements
  • Advice on the consequences of hindrances and the extension of construction periods
  • Preparation and accompaniment of acceptance tests
  • Warranty management

Conflict management

  • Consulting in liability and crisis situations in construction projects
  • Representation before courts and arbitration tribunals
  • Representation in out-of-court mediation and conciliation proceedings

Real Estate Transactions

Our real estate team’s advice focuses on the planning, structuring and execution of transactions concerning all types of real estate. We have extensive experience in portfolio transactions in the residential and commercial real estate field. In addition to legal advice our advisory services also include the tax-optimized structuring of purchase and sale processes. You get advice from a single source, including and taking into account the fields of public administrative law such as tender, planning or environmental law, whether it is a share deal or an asset deal. We carry out the legal due diligence for you, draft and negotiate the land or share purchase agreement and advise you on all questions of real estate law even after the transfer of ownership.

Construction Projects

In the context of construction projects, we advise industrial companies, investors, property developers, construction companies and promoters in connection with all questions of project structuring and contract drafting as well as execution of the construction work. In major projects, the focus is often on pricing (e.g. GMP, Open Book) and liability (e.g. GU, GÜ, ARGE models). Ordering parties as well as planning offices and project controllers make use of our expertise in project management, architect and engineering law. Our range of advice covers all project phases, from contract structuring and contract management to the enforcement of or defense against planner supplements, including fee litigation proceedings.

Ongoing Advice

Even if real estate is not currently part of a transaction, it requires careful administration. Proper facility management is a key building block in preserving a property’s value. From a legal perspective, advice regarding not only lease agreements and general contractual law but also construction and property law may be required, which we naturally provide.

Conflict Situations and Proceedings

Real estate and construction projects are prone to conflict. If a dispute arises, for example about the quality of construction works, it is often unavoidable to conduct a dispute settlement procedure. We advise and represent our clients in all types of mediation and conciliation proceedings, preservation of evidence, litigation and other court proceedings as well as arbitrations. Our clients benefit from our firm's extensive experience in litigation and arbitration.