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Expertise  Public and Administrative Law

Field of Expertise Public and Administrative Law

The government sets the rules.
We govern the rest.

Business is regulated in numerous ways: provisions of environmental law and administrative regulations on trade, which are increasingly dominated by European law, contain detailed guidelines for business and entrepreneurial activities. Consequently, the success of a business depends on finding efficient solutions for complying with governmental regulations.

Range of Services Public and Administrative Law

  • Trade regulations
  • Environmental law
  • Subsidies law
  • Public procurement
  • European law and constitutional law
  • Communal trade regulation
  • Public and administrative law support in M & A-transactions

Main focus of advisory

Businesses and associations rely on our expertise in the evaluation of complex questions of public and administrative law as well as in connection with their relationships with authorities, representation before the courts or regarding the identification and resolution of conflicts. At the same time, we can draw on the experience of our colleagues from other practice groups when dealing with interdisciplinary issues.

We advise businesses in all areas of public and administrative law. Our range of services in particular includes adminis­trative regulations on trade as well as environmental laws concerning regulatory requirements for the operation of plants
or machinery, the manufacture of goods and the provision of services. Substan­ces laws (inter alia chemicals and plant protection laws as well as laws re­garding biocides), e.g. in connection with REACH, and recycling and waste regulations (e.g. the packaging ordinance) are focal points of our practice. Our public trade law practice also consists of subsidies laws, e.g. in case a business wishes to defend itself against claims for repayment of subsidies. Further­more, questions of European and constitutional law as well as advice in con­nection with building permits are main areas of our practice. In addition, we advise on issues relating to government aids, public procurement and communal trade regulations.

Supporting M&A-transactions

A further focus of our practice is support­ing M & A transactions in public law aspects. Aside from analysing govern­mental acts during due diligence exercises, M & A transactions oftentimes include im­portant questions of public and ad­mi­nistrative law, e.g. concerning emission control. Furthermore, administrative and public legal problems, especially on a European level, may arise in connection with capital markets and corporate law which we address by closely working with our M & A colleagues.