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Field of Expertise Private Clients

Every family is special.
We assure it stays this way.

Our private clients practice group takes on the particular challenge of shaping the economic present and planning for the future of entrepreneurs, wealthy individuals and family-owned businesses in the domestic and international environment. The focal points of our services are estate planning, corporate and tax law advice, the laws on foundations and non-profit organizations, legal and tax advice in connection with asset management and structuring as well as matrimonial property law.

Range of services Private Clients

  • Estate law and anticipated succession
  • Estate and endowment tax law
  • Execution of wills and advice in connection therewith
  • Tax law advice in connection with asset management
  • Relocation to a foreign country
  • Laws on foundations and non-profit organizations
  • Art law and laws on culturally valuable goods
  • Organization and selection procedures for custodian banks and asset managers
  • Corporate and related tax law advice for family-owned businesses and their shareholders
  • Pre- and postnuptial agreements
  • Family Law: Divorce, Community Property Gain and Maintenance Settlements, Alimony and Child Support, Adoptions
»A first-rate think tank.«
Handelsblatt, Elite Report Edition, Ausgabe 2009/2010

Effectively safe guarding wealth

We concern ourselves with all legal and tax aspects in connection with assets, employing an interdisciplinary approach to cover all areas of the law relevant for the long-term safeguarding of wealth: estate law, matrimonial property law, tax and corporate law. We also attend to all other matters interconnected with assets and property, e.g. the laws on foundations and the laws concerning objects of cultural value. We are frequently in­volved in the negotiation and conclusion of as­set management agreements und agree­ments with custodian banks. Another focus of our practice is advising family-owned companies and their shareholders. In this area, we particularly focus on the drafting of shareholder agreements. In this regard, we maintain a view to the entire business background (e.g. the reconciliation of prenuptial agreements and wills with shareholder agreements and tax provisions).

We also represent our clients in litigated divorces. Here we focus our advice on financial consequences, in particular securing the continued existence and viability of the company after divorce and ensuring a smooth and quick completion of the proceedings if the client so desires.


Our practice is both domestic and inter­national. We are able to comprehensively
advise clients who do not reside in Ger­many or whose entire or partial assets are located in foreign countries together with our partners of many years in Germany and abroad. The same is of course true for foreign clients with assets or interests in Germany. In order to provide the best individually tailored personal advice to our clients, we put a special emphasis on a relationship of trust. Some clients and families have been represen­t­ed by us over several generations. Each of our clients can count on our individual attention – in both legal and personal matters. As specialists in our field, we provide responsible, personal and dedi­cated advice in legal matters and con­cerning transactions to individuals and tax advisors, private banks, asset man­agers and family offices on a regular basis.