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Expertise  IT Law

Field of Competence IT Law

IT Law: The Foundation of the Information Society

The importance of information technology law is growing constantly and rapidly; digitalization and industrialization 4.0 and artificial intelligence are only a few catchwords in this area. Digital transformation is fully underway. Much is in play and – because of the numerous, often not entirely clear interfaces between recent regulation and traditional areas of law as well as regulatory gaps – there are new challenges for legal analysis. As information technology has classic cross-sectional and interdisciplinary applications, IT law today affects almost every area of company operations, and indeed independent of whether the company itself is a provider of information technology or not. This starts with the increasing digitalization of manufacturing and delivery processes, runs through requirements for standardized and made-to-order software for everyday business, and extends to the digital contact made with potential customers and business partners. The continuous digitalization of nearly all sectors of the economy raises not just technical questions, but also legal questions concerning data protection and IT on which we will be pleased to advise you. We provide advice not only in nearly all areas of e-commerce, data protection, and IT contract law, but also offer support in planning and executing (agile) software projects, national and international outsourcing plans, the digitalization of processes previously performed with analog technology, and in the face of problems that can result from the commercial use of open source software

Scope of Services

  • Design, drafting, and negotiation of contracts for software projects, software development, and software licenses together with related service level agreements (SLA)
  • Advice on cloud services on behalf of both users and providers
  • Design and execution of the legal framework for websites and webshops
  • Enforcement of rights and claims in software and other IT projects