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Expertise  Intellectual Property

Field of Competence Intellectual Property

Good Ideas are Rare.
That is exactly why you should protect them.

Intellectual property rights play a decisive role in the success and value of a company. As the continuing globalization of markets increases competitive pressures, it is the ideas, experiences, and improvements embodied in your products and services that make these unique and distinguish you from your competitors. Securing and defending this intellectual property is therefore an essential element of your business strategy.

For our clients, we develop intellectual property strategies and implement them – for lasting protection and effective enforcement of your legal rights. You profit from our long experience and deep understanding of business practices which enable us to develop tailored, company-specific solutions for your strategic needs.

»What the team is known for: Noted Frankfurt and Mannheim IP practice with a particular focus on trade mark law including advisory, contentious and transaction-related matters.«
Chambers Europe
»Represents clients from across several different industries, advising multinational companies as well as local entities. Possesses further expertise in patent and design rights matters.«
Chambers Europe

Lasting Protection and Effective Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

Success in international competition requires effective protection of intellectual property rights. Infringements do not stop at national borders nor do they affect only certain companies and sectors. Our lawyers have the necessary expertise in all areas of intellectual property law, namely patent, utility model, trademark, industrial design, as well as copyright, unfair competition (including trade and business secret protection), press, information, and media law. Based on our many years of working closely with leading industrial companies, we also have a deep knowledge of the economic and industry-specific aspects of doing business that enables us to provide a comprehensive analysis that includes all relevant legal, technical, economic, and even sector-specific concerns.

Among our strengths are the coordination and execution of cross-border projects in which we cooperate closely with our international partners, which all are among the leading law firms in their respective jurisdictions. This cooperation enables us to not only secure and defend intellectual property, but also to offer across-the-board advice on all questions of intellectual property in cross-border transactions, joint ventures, and commercial cooperations.

»The lawyers are very knowledgeable and quick in responding. It is an A-team of experts.«
Chambers Europe
»The advice is quick, comprehensive and of good quality. The firm houses broad expertise in IP.«
Chambers Europe

Safeguarding Entrepreneurial Success

Innovation is the foundation for entrepreneurial success. Unclear and insufficient contract provisions in research and development projects and the ensuing disputes between partners can have grave consequences for your company. A contract providing legal certainty while appropriately accommodating the respective interests of the parties is therefore essential for the cooperation to prove successful in the long run. Together with our clients, we ensure that contractual arrangements accurately address the economic issues and expectations of the parties to achieve legal clarity and thereby avoid later conflicts.

Scope of Services in Intellectual Property

  • Strategic intellectual property consulting
  • Advice and support for intellectual property applications
  • Advice on intellectual property implications of new products and market introduction
  • Pre-litigation advice in intellectual property disputes, designing offensive and defensive strategies concerning infringements
  • Representation in state courts and in arbitration in infringement proceedings, preliminary relief actions and other legal disputes in all areas of intellectual property and fair competition law
  • Design and negotiation of license agreements and other contracts involving intellectual property (e.g. R&D agreements, investment protection contracts)
  • Preparation and negotiation of sponsoring contracts