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Expertise  Insolvency Law

Field of Expertise Insolvency Law

Emphasis of advice and administration activities

The Field of Expertise Insolvency Law includes the administration of insolvent companies, legal advice in particular in the field of insolvency law and restructuring as well as the assuming of trusteeships. As a consequence of the amendments to the Insolvency Statute by ESUG, insolvency advice in the context of Debtor-in-Possession management as well as the responsible insolvency monitoring are increasingly a field of activity of Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz.

The special experience and key competence of our experts lies in the continuation of businesses on a going concern basis in complex proceedings involving international group structures as well as the stabilization and restructuring of companies by way of a transfer to new ownership and including insolvency plans.

The highest priority of our firm regarding all activity in the fields of insolvency administration and Debtor-in-Possession management is the economically reasonable safeguarding of values by first-class insolvency management whilst taking into account the principles of administration in consensus.

Scope of services Insolvency Administration


  • Implementation of company insolvencies
  • Assuming of positions in „Debtor-in-Possession proceedings“ with responsible management
  • Insolvency Monitoring in debtor-in-possession insolvency proceedings
  • Pre-insolvency counseling as well as corporate and labor law advice
  • Initiation and implementation of M&A transactions
  • Restructuring of companies and transfer of entities
  • Assuming of trusteeships

Corporate insolvency administration

In accordance with the credo of our firm we face in each case of corporate insolvency the task of a short-term stabilization of the company’s business in order to create a timeframe which allows to properly analyse the ability of the company to continue as a going concern and, if needed, implement the restructuring of the entity or its transfer to new ownership. As a general rule, this serves the interests of the majority of the parties to the proceedings: Economic values are safeguarded, the quota for all creditors is improved and jobs are secured. As far as continuances on a going concern basis cannot be ensured permanently, our experts optimise the results of realisation of the debtor's assets.

Debtor-in-Possession proceedings

These guiding principles also apply to our activity in the field of Debtor-in-Possession proceedings. Especially in Debtor-in-Possession competences and quality standards are essential. We meet these demands by assuming also management responsibilities together with the current directors and by ensuring compliance with all management obligations in Debtor-in-Possession insolvency proceedings.