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Field Of Expertise Compliance

Everyone talks about your obligations.
We secure your rights.

Regardless of the industry or size, companies are forced to follow a vast number of legal statutes. Violations of such statutes can damage one’s reputation, result in fines and claims for damages or even criminal investigations. One can only hope to circumvent such results if one recognizes the risks on time. The construction of an available compliance system is of high importance for this purpose. Our compliance teams will support you in this from A through Z: We analyze the individual risk factors in the company, develop a customized prevention system and arrange for the optimal implementation thereof. In addition, our teams have demonstrated expertise in dealing with compliance violations which have already taken place.

Range of services compliance

  • Development and implementation of compliance systems
  • Increase in efficiency and development of the compliance organization
  • Compliance inspections and internal reviews
  • Compliance-related proceedings
»Top-Firm for Compliance«

Arrangement of compliance systems

We begin by analyzing the status quo and designing and developing a compliance organization. In this process, you profit from the vast experience of our team, which consists of specialists from a number of legal fields such as corporate law, labor law, antitrust law or tax law, depending on your precise needs.

Supervision and optimization

A sustainable compliance organization requires consistent control and improvement. We support you in supervising the processes in the company and are available for the further development of your compliance system. We will also keep you up-to-date on any legal changes. Our highly specialized attorneys also give lectures and provide your employees and managers with the necessary knowledge.

Enforcement of the compliance culture

Even the best compliance organization cannot fully exclude human misbehavior. Should you become suspicious of such, our teams will help in uncovering the facts, determining the parties responsible and analyzing the possible manners in which to react. If the suspicion leads to a finding, we will plan the legal steps with you and assert your rights in and out of court. We will also represent you if claims for damages are asserted or inspections are carried out by the authorities as a result of a compliance violation.

».... successful positioning in connection with compliance matters ...«
JUVE Handbook Commercial and Corporate Firms
».... successful positioning in connection with compliance matters ...«
JUVE Handbook Commercial and Corporate Firms