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Professional development

Professional development

Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz has been providing highest quality legal advice to clients for more than 80 years. Our clients do not hire us for our size, but because they trust in our ability to offer the best possible solutions to their problems. Maintaining this trust is our daily challenge.

It is our conviction that we can fulfill our clients' high expectations best with small, manageable and highly effective teams. Therefore, professional development in our firm is distinctly different from professional development in many other leading corporate law firms. We strive to maintain a partner to associate leverage of no more than 1:2. For you as a young professional this immediate access to and cooperation with a partner results in a steep learning curve. Another consequence of this concept is that you will be given considerable responsibility from the beginning of your career. In our team, you are more than a cog in the works limited to a specific field of duty; you will quickly learn to perceive the whole picture and to work more and more independently with growing experience.

It is our goal to lead all applicants we hire on their way towards partnership. We desire for all our attorneys to be proactive about the growth and success of the firm. In return, we intend to let all our colleagues share in the economic successes of the firm.

We are ambitious and plan to grow. With you.