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诚聘英才  我们提供的机会

What we can offer you

Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz offers exceptional perspectives: a first class education, early integration in important cases, working in small, effective teams and the chance to become partner in one of the leading German law firms within an equitable period of time.


Intensive learning on the job is a defining factor in our traditionally strong emphasis on professional development. From the start, you will be included in work on highly challenging matters. You will work closely with one or more partners, especially in your first years as a professional, and you will attend meetings with clients, participate in contract negiotiations, court hearings etc. With us, you will not only get feedback about your work in an end of the year review but in daily conversation with colleagues and discussion of your work results. We are not lone warriors. Advising clients on the highest possible level requires the exchange of knowledge and opinions between colleagues and we are proud of our culture of open discussion.

Teaching and development are very important to us. Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz has always been in close contact with a large number of universities. Many of our attorneys also teach at a university or are former university employees. Our professional development program is rounded out by internal and external continuing education opportunities.


 You are one of the best. You are entitled to claim adequate remuneration for your abilities. Our entry level salaries are equivalent of those of the leading international law firms operating in Germany. Your salary will increase yearly correspondent to your seniority. We generally treat all associates the same as regards salary. Special accomplishments may be rewarded with a bonus.