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Expertise  Intellectual Property / IT

Field of Expertise Intellectual Property / IT

Excellent ideas are rare.
Protecting your ideas is our business.

Taking into account the continuing globalization of markets and the resulting growth of international competitive pressure, intangible assets are becoming a more and more important factor for the success of a business. Protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights is therefore an indispensable part of any business strategy.
We develop and implement strategic concepts for the protection and enforcement of their rights for our clients.

Range of services Intellectual Property / IT

  • Advice on and development of intellectual property strategies
  • Intellectual property applications and registrations
  • Pre-trial advice on infringement disputes, development of enforcement and defense strategies concerning intellectual property infringements
  • Representation before the courts and arbitral tribunals in infringement actions and other intellectual property or competition disputes
  • Drafting and negotiation of intellectual property-related agreements
  • IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing, offshoring, legal advice on IT projects
»What the team is known for: Noted Frankfurt and Mannheim IP practice with a particular focus on trade mark law including advisory, contentious and transaction-related matters.«
Chambers Europe
»Represents clients from across several different industries, advising multinational companies as well as local entities. Possesses further expertise in patent and design rights matters.«
Chambers Europe

Effectively protecting and enforcing intangible assets

Success in international competition re­quires the effective protection of intan-
­gi­ble assets. Intellectual property in­fringe­ment extends across domestic boundaries and concerns all companies and fields of business. Our attorneys have exten­sive experience in all relevant areas of intel­lec­tual and industrial property law, namely patent law, trademark law, copy­­right law and laws against unfair compe­tition as well as press and media law. Thanks to our cooperation with respec­ted domes­tic and international law firms, we are able to protect and enforce in­tang­ible assets a­cross borders and to advise on all matters concerning intel­lec­tual property in connection with busi­ness trans­actions, joint ventures, cooperation agreements, etc.

»The lawyers are very knowledgeable and quick in responding. It is an A-team of experts.«
Chambers Europe

Investing in the future

The need to use the latest in information technologies results in considerable invest­ments and dependencies for any business. Therefore, the chances modern infor­ma­tion technology affords are mirrored by considerable risks which must be reco­gnized and prevented. This in mind, we advise and represent business and governmental clients in complex IT and outsourcing projects – from the tender phase to contract drafting and negotiation, conclusion of the agreements and beyond.

»The advice is quick, comprehensive and of good quality. The firm houses broad expertise in IP.«
Chambers Europe

Safe guarding business success

Ambiguous and insufficient contractual provisions in connection with outsourc­ing or research and development projects as well as licence agreements and disputes resulting from these can lead to grave consequences for any business. Therefore, a legally sound agreement, appropriately taking into account the in­terests of
all parties involved, is the es­sential framework for a successful and last­ing cooperation. Together with our clients, we ensure that the contractual agreements reflect the economic conditions and the expectations of the parties in a correct legal manner and avoid future conflicts.